Ficohsa Foundation signs an alliance for quality education.

Ficohsa Bank through the Ficohsa Foundation for the Children Education looks to strengthen the Honduran childhood education with the merging of technology, for that, it signed a collaboration with the Zamora Terán Foundation.

This alliance boosts the coordination of efforts between both institutions with the aim to integrate technology in the educational process of the children, by means of the “A Computer for A Kid” program.

Ficohsa Bank benefits more than 400 children.

With this initiative more than 400 children will benefit for six years of elementary education, receiving each of them a computer XO to develop their skills and reinforce the content of their course.

In the same way, it strengthens the work done during these years, as the technology is of vital importance to form the boys and girls in an adequate manner for this way to be able to overcome the challenges that may present themselves in their future.

Ficohsa Foundation after the wellbeing it provides to see the children receive a fitting education, starts with a pilot project with 175 computers and waits with the help of God, multiply each year the quantity of computers provided.

As a company responsible for supporting education in Honduras.

Ficohsa Bank as a socially responsible company supports education in Honduras, as it’s of utmost importance for the country’s development.

Currently has 139 preschool centers nationwide and benefitting more than 8 thousand children annually with the provision of the school snack, recreational games, computers, school supplies, didactic games, among others.

With this arrangement the infants that graduate from the Pedro Atala Preschool Center of Ficohsa’s Foundation and the students of the Ricardo Ernesto Maduro School of the Villa Linda Miller colony, will be benefitted granting them a computer XO in all of their classes from first to sixth grade.


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Banco Ficohsa innova
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